Funny and Cute Troti Pictures- Part 2

Enjoy :)
I love the seaside...well, it's just a sandbox in the countryside, but it works just fine...

Who's there? Let me see you...How did you dare to cross my street?

I like to sing. Anybody listening?

Me and my Teddy

I love my bear - so comfy...

I got a new dust rag and I'm not afraid to bite it...
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Funny & Cute Troti Pictures


These pictures were taken last year and this year.
Their purpose - to brighten up your day :).

Please let me sleep - I am sooo tired

Bride awaiting the groom

Same as above :) - our Troti beneath the living room curtain

I like to rest on the couch, don't you?

I am cute and I know it

Boring winter day...

This is how I always sleep...

Awaiting spring...

That's it for back soon...please be patient.

Rule 10 – The Dog Never Begs for Food While You Are at the Table

In the wild members of a pack eat only after the leader of the pack has finished. Allowing the dog to eat at the same time with you (even if they eat their separate food) is a sign that you are equals. He will then consider you his equal and not respect you as a leader.

So the rules are:

-          The dog is not allowed to beg while you are eating;
-          If he begs, he either gets sent to another room, either he is ignored – he never gets anything, not even the smallest bite;
-          The dog doesn’t eat during your meal – even if he gets his own food, it’s still eating together; he will not make a difference between your food and his;

This is one great mistake that we did at first with our Troti. Those puppy eves melted our hearts every time. You just can’t eat and let him look at you, right? It feels like you’re not giving your own child food and that you are being such a bad parent, right?

Well, forget about it. The dog is NOT your child and if you want him well behaved and calm while you are at home and especially while away, stop feeding him while you eat. If you can’t stand those eyes, just send him to another room and close the door. I know it’s hard. We’ve been there, but it’s not impossible.

So take care and be strong,


The Power of Being Firm and Consistent

We've had Troti for almost one year and a half now and we were joking the other day that we are more than prepared now for children :) . We know what it feels like to be responsible, to leave your needs for last and fulfill others' first, what it feels like to wake up early in the morning and go out in the snow even if you don't feel like it, what it feels like to remember all doctor appointments, to remember vaccines' schedule, to make sure that your "child" is safe and healthy, that he learns all that he needs, that he gets the best food, care and affection.

Our Troti
However, what is needed most and what you need to always remember is to keep firm and consistent - this also works with children. This is the only way you can earn true respect. A child or a dog can love you even if they don't respect you, but respect is the key to fight chaos.

Being firm and consistent is what we found out that a dog needs the most. Be firm and show him that you are the boss, that you know best and that you expect respect and results. Play time matters, but discipline is crucial.

And more than than, be consistent in your decisions - apply exactly the same reward or the same punishment for the same good or bad deed. This is how you teach what's right and wrong and you create good behaviours.

Take care,

Our Troti's Breed - We Finally Got It

For a long while we have been wondering what breed our Troti is. The vet told us he could be an Alsacian mix, one of my colleagues told me he's a Doberman mix - and to be honest he looked a lot like one. Now we finally got it. Someone stopped us in the street to show us his dog in a picture on the phone - it was identical to ours and he was a Transylvanian Hound or Erdélyi kopó, a Hungarian hunting breed.

I was amazed and happy to finally understand Troti's features. The dogs in his breed are very independent, have great sense of smell, are very loyal, can work independently far away from the master in the forest while hunting, they have great sense of direction, but are very difficult to train. They don't mind serious injuries, but are unusable for days if they receive negative feedback from their master. They can be trained only with positive rewards and a lot of patience.

Our Troti
Our Troti

Here's an article I found about this breed on Wikipedia:


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Best Dog and Puppy Food

I see very often articles, posts and comments concerning food for dogs and for puppies and a lot of pet owners wondering where to buy cheap food for their best friends. To me this question is both absurd and destructive. Cheap food for pets as well as for humans equals low quality food. If you want to buy cheap food for yourself, what do you get? Most often junk food which is full of calories, but has no vitamins, minerals or other nutrients that you really need. Cheap food fills up your stomach, but makes you sick on the long term.

Cheap food for dogs is exactly the same. Wondering where you can get it? There’s lots of it in most supermarkets, sometimes food that has been created as their internal brand and which sells with a price ten times lower than top quality food. How much vitamins and nutrients do you think you can find in a large can of 1-2 kg which costs only 1 Eur? Would you eat 2 kg of meat with that price? Would you be confident enough to even buy it? 

On the long term, the cost saving done for low quality food compensates in vet bills. Your dog will get for sure teeth, stomach, kidney or even worse problems like cancer. Is such a cost really worth it? Would you do this to your child? Then, why do it to your best friend?

Feed your dog only the best dog food
Our Troti

Hoping I have convinced you to forget the idea of low cost dog food, I come back to the best dog food.
After adopting Troti, we started searching information about what to feed him. We went online and talked to vets and we found out that there are two ways to feed your dog correctly:

  1.  Feeding your dog food prepared in the house. This is OK, but it’s really difficult if you really want to give the dog all the nutrients he/she needs. A strict diet must be respected and a menu must be carefully selected. You can’t just feed the dog everything you eat because humans and dogs have different needs. Remember to offer them plenty of calcium when they grow up and especially when their teeth change but make sure you select the correct sources. Cow’s milk for example is a bad idea since the dog won’t get any calcium out of it, but instead develop stomach problems and worms. If you decide to feed your dog food cooked in the house, consult a pet nutritionist to find out what’s allowed, in what quantities and proportions and what’s absolutely not allowed. Also, your dog’s age is very important. A growing puppy has different needs than an old one.
  2. Feeding your dog good quality dog food. We started with Pedigree which was estimated by our vet at 7 on a scale of 1 to 10; we fed him additionally vitamins at the beginning when we had just found him and his immune system was very low and then gave him calcium as advised by the vet when his teeth were changing (about 4-6 months old). Food designed especially for pets is easier for the owner to use due to the correct dosage on the bag/can and the exact quantity of nutrients necessary for your pet according to his/her age. After growing up with Pedigree, we decided to feed Troti Royal Canin when he was about 10 months old. Royal Canin was estimated by our vet at 9 on a scale from 1 to 10. We hesitated at first because the price is 3 times larger than Pedigree, but we could see a clear difference in about 1 month. Troti likes it better and he looks great – his hair is no longer falling off almost at all (except spring when he changes it) and it has never been shinier. People in the street stop me to tell me how great our dog looks.
So, having a healthy pet is like having a healthy child – feed him only the best. It’s worth investing in good food than paying later for medicine and treatments for difficult diseases.

Take care,

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How I Taught Troti to Get Down the Stairs without Running in Front of Me

We live on the second floor and getting Troti out of the house 4-5 times a day was a real nightmare. He was always too active and willing to get out as soon as he could so pulling me down the stairs each time we went out was a regular practice. He did great efforts to stand still while we put his collar and leash on and then as soon as we opened the door, he started running down the stairs without caring too much about us shouting at him or pulling the leash back. He did only what he wanted to do and we realized that this was happening because we gave him too much affection and not so much discipline.

                I decided that something had to be done. I started reading all sorts of articles about discipline and dog training and we realized that allowing him to walk in front of us, allowing him to eat when we did, and allowing him to sit on the couch with us and to drag us all over the place while getting down the stairs was WRONG.

                I found a great exercise on the internet for curing the bad habit of the dog of running in front of you down the stairs and pulling you so I decided to take the time one morning and do it. The idea was not to allow the dog to get in front of you and turning back into the house each time he did so or each time he had the smallest tentative of getting in front of you no matter if running or just walking.

                So I prepared my patience and the leash and I started the exercise. I can confirm to you that it worked like a charm and after about one hour Troti was “cured” miraculously. I told him to sit and put his collar and leash on. He obeyed since he knew we were going out. The moment I opened the door he rushed out without allowing me to even make one step. I pulled him back, took the collar and leash off and went to the living room leaving him alone in the hall waiting. He was amazed and couldn’t understand what was going on. He came to the living room to ask me to go out with him. 

Our dog Troti, all nice and trained

                I waited for a few minutes more and started again. The moment he wanted to rush out, I pulled him back and told him no. I took the collar off again and let him wait alone in the hall. After doing it twice he started thinking that something must have been going on for my new and strange behavior.

                We finally went out of the house and when we wanted to get down the stairs he wanted to start his routine. I got him back into the house over and over again and in about 30 minutes we were only on the first floor. Troti was tired already of climbing up and down so many stairs and he was a lot more obedient. 

                We managed to get down to the outside door in about an hour. We went out, he did his number one and two and then back into the house as we were both very tired of climbing up and down so many stairs. Amazingly he got the idea and since then he forgot the routine one or twice only and only at the beginning after learning it. He never runs in front of me again being afraid that we might go back over and over again as we did on the first day.

                And to test him even further, I stop from time to time when going down on a different stair step, just to make sure that while going down he is careful about me and my speed and not about getting outside. Also, getting him to walk behind me down the stairs all the time allows me to control him better outside as he is more submissive.

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